What is kafic.net?

The word kafić (pronounced /kæ'fich/) means café in various languages in the balkans, has a perfect combination of what we are trying to do with this project. Namely to make an online café where people meet, chat and have a 'virtual' coffee break.

Kafic is a social community that opened its doors in 2003 with a unique twist, the control of the website is mostly held in the users hands which make the decitions in terms of what gets done made, and what new functions should be prioritized. Kafic also provides standard functionalities such as making it easy to find new friends, keep in touch with existing ones and hopefully even help someone find the love of their life!

What separates us from other websites on the internets is the specific feeling that you experience on the website which can be compared to the feeling of coming home from a hard day at work, and just longing for that first sip of some fresh coffee. :)

Our hard working elves never stop to amaze the users, and hopefully wont ever stop doing what they do best which is to please the users requests! The goal of the website is to be in the top 10(100? 1000??!) social network sites known to people all over the world (well mostly the states and Europe for now :]).

Administrators, helpers & contributors to the website

Aside from the communities users itself, there's a hard-working group of people behind kafic. Founded by Danijel Kralj , launched in January 2003, kafic has grown from being a small webproject to a full blown social network website thanks to the efforts of a passionate group of individuals. A project that has connected over thousands of users and even celebrating a marriage or two in the process.

The doors are always open for new developers/designers/helpers of some sort.
We are not looking for new administrators, do not contact us about it unless we contact you :), thank you for understanding.

(list sorted by online status)


To get help, either click on one of the above admins, or write to us on our facebook page